Sunday, April 4, 2010

night of the flying acrobats

I learned a lot at last nights show at Coaster's bar and as Socrates so brilliantly stated so many years ago "all learning is accompanied by pain".  That muther muffin guy was right!  My sound guy did not show up with the PA and the first band was already supposed to be playing by the time we decided to take matters into our own hands and make a run back to the East side of town for our rig. 
     An old burnt out rocker was  going around the room offering random people marsh mellos and holding up the entertainment end for us till we could get our shit together and get Midnight Mojo on the stage.  Just one of the perks of playing by the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
     Anyhow, Marissa and Millard made the crowd swoon with their beautiful brother/sister harmonies before to long and the show was officially rolling.
     The Thralls made their SC debut and many of the older rockers in the  crowd   didn't really jive with the Indy rock thing and most of the room cleared, but they did have some new fans who stuck around, thankfully.
     Several Whiskeys and beers later it was our turn to take the stage.  We kicked the show off with our catchy tune Wasted and got people to their feet.  Next we went straight punk rock for three songs and unleashed the freak fest that was going to entertain us for the rest of the night.  Girls were tumbling across the floor and jumping on top of one another in a friendly fighting sort of way.  Others were quick to join in.  An "older" blond woman in red plad pants stole the show with her ass waving dance style like I'd never seen.  Then came the tumblers right at me and Bam!  My microphone bashed into my mouth and instantly Marissa and I pulled our mic stands back ten feet toward Talia and opened up the floor for the craziness. 
     The house was again packed so we kept playing straight through our set and all the encore songs we'd planned just because the crowd was so hot we couldn't stop.  Fifteen songs later, drenched in sweat with a slightly fatter lip than before we packed up our gear with the audience begging for more.
     I'm going to go ahead and look into some dental insurance before our next show at Santa Cruz PRIDE.  Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beaver Fever Spring Fling

Beaver Fever is playing tonight, April 3 at Coaster's (the boardwalk bowling alley bar) in Santa Cruz tonight. Tonight's line up includes Midnight Mojo opening the show and our featured guest the Thralls from San Francisco. This show is 21+ no cover All of these bands have amazing chicks that fully rock!