Monday, June 7, 2010

blip of blab about SC PRIDE 2010

     Last Saturday Jaguar Gina saved my life.  She only dresses in drag one day a week and this time it was a triple animal print outfit with visor.  Sound person, love her.  She  fixed my input jack and set me "forward" for the weekend.  Let's just say she has all the right parts.
     Muther Trucker! Three sets in two days.  Its kind of like being on tour in a 2 block radius... talk about chasing your tail.  It's my second year and I do it because I love it.  I love this town.  What am I gonna do?
     Sunday was bitchin.   Frooties pulled off Gaga- i think.  I got my dream come true stage full of dancers with Beaver Fever.  The Beaverettes were adorable!  Look out San Francisco cause we are coming for you next!

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